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Breastfeeding. I know this is probably one of the most talked about topics on every mom blog, fb page, website, on and on. I support feeding your child in anyway that works for you. Period. End of sentence. With that said, if you choose to breastfeed and want to see what has worked for me when it comes to streamlining the pumping process, follow me down the rabbit hole…

By far, the best pumping accessory I discovered were Freemies. They allow you to pump without removing your bra or clothing- AMAZING! With these I have pumped on a train, in a car, at weddings, in a box, with a fox…ok you get the idea. They allow you to pump almost anywhere. I knew they were going to be life changing, but I needed to find the best way to store them because they are a little awkward. Here is my system to keep them contained and discrete.

  1. First, get Freemies. I promise, they are awesome.

  2. Storage. I looked all over for the perfect storage solution that would keep them upright and contained, in case I couldn’t empty them right away. I literally walked around The Container Store with one in my hand trying to find the perfect plastic box. By the end of my trip, I had three lovely associates helping me- we were searching for our Cinderella.  Enter these little apple looking Food Storage Containers.

    They are perfect! Exactly the right size and keeps them completely upright. Although I rarely store the Freemies without emptying them first, they are still the perfect way to keep all of the parts together and clean until you pump again.
  3. Keeping them cold and contained (if that’s important to you). I was primarily using these to pump at my office and then carry them back to a shared fridge for storage until my next session. I wanted something insulated that allowed me to carry them down the hall without drawing too much attention to myself. Although, with the amount of times I leaked milk on myself or forgot to button my shirt, the Freemies should have been the least of my worries. The perfect solution was this cooler- Koala Baby 2 in 1 Bottle Cooler.

    They are the perfect height to fit the storage containers stacked on top of each other with a little extra room for 1 or 2 5oz bottles. The bonus bag that comes with the larger cooler will perfectly store 3 5oz Medela bottles with the little ice pack that comes with the bags. Amazing!
  4. Optional, plugs for the openings- if you plan not to empty them immediately. I thought I would use this option more often than I actually did, but I wanted include this tip it because when I needed it, I NEEDED it and it was a lifesaver. I tried quite a few different solutions for this, but in the end the best and most flexible option were silicone ear plugs used for swimming. They completely fit the bill- cheap, waterproof, malleable and replaceable if they got lost or dirty. Sold.

So there you have it. My Freemie storage system! Let me know if you have questions or an awesome system of your own. I can only imagine all of the awesome things that are out there that I’m missing out on!

For The Win,

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