Fingerpaint Soap…For The Win

If sometimes you just need an extra 10 minutes while your toddler is contained…I introduce you to Fingerpaint Soap.

I love using these as an activity before bath time really starts. I squirt a variety of colors into the tub and give my son a brush (I use an old make-up brush) and let him paint away. He’s safe in the dry tub, as long as he’s sitting, and I can get a few things done. Usually I feed his brother during this time so I can still keep an eye on him and talk to him as he creates. When he’s done painting, I just turn on the water and the paint turn to bubbles.

You can buy these in the “One Spot” at Target or on Amazon- if you go through Amazon, they are about $5.00 a tube.

This is such a simple activity, but after a long day, those 10 minutes are golden!

Tip: Extend the activity by introducing new toys- my son loves to run his trucks through the paint and make tire tracks around the tub.

What are your tricks for contained play?

For The Win,


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  1. Michel Bond says:

    Can I do this as an adult?

    1. megforthewin says:

      Knock yourself out!

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