Mom Tip… Road Tape

This is one of my all time favorite mom hacks- Road Tape.

We used this tape to decorate for my son’s construction themed birthday party. The kids loved playing with it on our coffee table, so I knew I wanted to find a way to use it again. It’s essentially painters tape, so it doesn’t get to sticky or damage anything you put it on. The most popular way we use it these days is for the table when we go out to eat. I roll out a few roads in front of where my son is sitting and grab some trucks and he is content…for a while at least. It’s a fast and easy activity that we can really use anywhere to help keep him occupied. I keep it in the diaper bag so it’s something special when we are out of the house.

Hope you found this useful! What are your easy ways to keep kids entertained while out to eat?

For the Win,

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