Pumpkin Carving…For The Win

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I love the leaves, the cool weather and all the activities you can only do this time of year. It just so happens that my birthday falls in October, so I remember it being the most festive and magical time of year. One of my chosen birthday activites each year is pumpkin carving. This year I did some research and decided to streamline the process to make it more enjoyable for everyone!

  • De-gutting the pumpkin
    I found a few tutorials on this and, by far, the best method was to use a mixer beater attached to power drill. You just cut open the pumpkin like you normally would, and then scrape the beater along the side of the pumpkin for a few minutes (about 2-3 depending on the size of the pumpkin). It scrapes all the seeds and stringy gut stuff cleanly off the pumpkin walls and makes a nice pile in the bottom to remove with a spoon. Amazing!
  • TIP: the old school beater with the flat blades work best (not like the newer whisk version I used). It still got the job done, but the other style was faster. If you don’t want to ruin an expensive set, grab cheap replacements or get them at Goodwill.



  • Making it last
    Again, I did a lot of research and the consensus of the internet was that bleach was the best way to keep your pumpkin looking better longer. There are a few different methods that included submerging the pumpkins into a 1:1 solution of bleach and water. That seemed like a good way to bleach my clothing and shoes, so I opted for a solution in a spray bottle and so far so good.


  • Lighting that is safe and will last all month
    This is an old trick I used when planning my wedding. I needed lights for paper lanterns that would last for at least 72 hours. This hack has come in handy more than once for other applications- including this one! I’ll post the simplified version here and link to a more exhaustive lighting tutorial in another post. It’s not complicated, but a step by step is always helpful. It essentially involves 10mm Round 2 pin LEDs, Lithium Button Cell Batteries and tape. All in, you can make hundreds of these lights for about $20. I spent $13 and can make 50. These lights last a really long time so you don’t need to remember to turn anything on/off. A cheap and easy way to make sure your pumpkins (or any decorations) look their best.


Interested? See the full lighting tutorial HERE.

Hope you enjoy your pumpkin carving as much as I did!

For The Win,

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  1. Tommy & Daniel says:

    My boyfriend and I just tried this – it works SO WELL! Our neighbor (whom we borrowed the power drill from) had to come see for herself as well and was impressed. One point of suggestion – we bought beaters at Target – but – in addition to flat blades being better, don’t use the beaters with coil springs at the bottom – hard for it to get as taut as it needs to do its very best job. We had to cut them down.

    1. megforthewin says:

      Tommy and Daniel- I’m so glad this worked for you! Thanks for giving this a try and letting me know how it went. I agree- using whisks would be hard, but I’m so glad you found a way to make it work. Extra points for your creativity!


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