Stitch Fix- Fix 2

Fix 2

You can see why I’m reviewing my items and my Stitch Fix overview HERE. So I’ll get straight to the pieces.

  • Ava Silk Henley Blouse- black/white- pattern
  • Ayesha Textured Button Detail Pullover- hunter green- solid
  • Carenza Faux Wrap Jersey Dress- navy/white- pattern
  • Sarkise Button Detail Blouse- teal/white- pattern
  • Jacqueline Skinny Pant- black- solid

I see where my stylist was going with this fix, but much of this box was not a win for me. The items were close to a match, but for a variety of reasons they ended up missing the mark in an important way, so most items had to be returned.

 Jacqueline Skinny Pant- KEEP

These pants are amazing! I’m currently wearing them as I type this.

  • Great fit
  • Great fabric
  • Cute style
  • Versatile

Although not the work pants I wanted (I added the word trousers now) they were too good to pass up and definitely a Stitch Fix win!

Jacqueline Skinny Pant

Ava Silk Henley Blouse- RETURN

  • Cute top, but the fit was off- oddly short on the sides but long in the back
  • I liked the pattern, but I don’t think I would ever reach for it because of the other issues

Ava Silk Henley Blouse
Ava Silk Henley Blouse

Ayesha Textured Button Detail Pullover- RETURN

  • I wanted to love this one because of the color and I thought the buttons would be a cute addition
  • The fit was also not great and I got the feeling the sweater would stretch with use
  • The texture of the fabric reminded me of a sweater I already have that just isn’t flattering on me
  • The buttons were too big and bulky for my taste

Ayesha Textured Button Detail Pullover

Ayesha Textured Button Detail Pullover

Carenza Faux Wrap Jersey Dress- RETURN

  • Wrap dresses are a no-go for me. They do nothing for me and I hate them.
  • They are a favorite of many nursing women so I think my stylist was trying to be helpful, I can’t fault her for that. I have updated my profile to include no wrap dresses.

Carenza Faux Wrap Jersey Dress

Carenza Faux Wrap Jersey Dress

Sarkise Button Detail Blouse- RETURN

  • I thought this might be a winner, but the fit was not good.
  • It was very wide so it did not hang well on my frame.

Sarkise Button Detail Blouse

Sarkise Button Detail Blouse
Conclusion: Worth every bit of $$ I spent to get to try on clothes without leaving my house. I updated my profile, Pinterest page (to include notes to my stylist) and added a note for my next fix. I’ll let you know how that goes and what was most effective.Here is the note I included:

I’d like at least 1 pair of work trousers- not jeans or leggings. I’ve pinned a few styles that I like, or cuts that I’d like to try and added some stylist notes. I really love the blazer from my first fix so if you have more in great fall colors, I’m up for those as well. A long (mid length) cardigan is something I’ve also been searching for if you have a good option. Thanks! Can’t wait to see what else you include.


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