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Meal Prep UPDATE

If you haven’t read my original meal prep and planning post, you can check that out HERE. It gives you all the details on why I started meal planning and the impact it has made on my day to day routine. The fact that I have stuck with it, almost without fail, has shown me two things- it works and it is sustainable. I’m always looking to perfect the system, so please share your tips on how you find time to make weeknight meals.

Meal Prep Bins


  • I prep all ingredients ahead of time.
    • I’ve collected a variety of jars and small containers to keep everything organized in the bins. The cheapest way is to save empty jars from cooking (baby food, salsa, sun-dried tomatoes, etc)
    • I pre-measure spices and liquids, chop vegetables and prepare meat. This is an extra step on meal prep day that saves me a ton of time (and dishes) during the week.


  • I added “day of the week” magnets to the bins.
    • This simple step ensures that things stay where they need to be and I don’t need to pull out each bin to see what I’m cooking. This also comes in handy when you have someone at home who is helping with prep.
      • This is where I bought the Day of the Week Magnets.
      • I use very strong magnets on the inside of the bin and the day of the week ones on the outside. They hold well through the plastic.
      • This is where I bought the Powerful Disc Magnets.

Simple changes that have helped keep the process even more streamlined. How do you keep your weeknights organized?

For The Win,

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