Instant Pot…For The Win

So my menus and meal planning went on a bit of a hiatus as I’ve been testing out my new Instant Pot.

Spoiler: I love it!

My hesitation with creating a menu  is that I’m still learning, so the recipe might not be at fault…it’s likely my error. If you get an Instant Pot, I highly recommend joining the Instant Pot Community on Facebook.  This community is really supportive and you can get instant feedback if you’re unsure about a recipe or need help mid-cooking. As I become more comfortable and successfully make a recipe more than once, I’ll add them to the blog.

What I love:

  • You can use frozen meat
    • It is amazing to have this option if I forget to pull something out of the freezer
  • Reduced cooking time
    • You do need to account for the IP to come to pressure, but it’s still very fast
  • Hands off cooking
    • I like setting the timer and not worrying about watching the meal
  • So many options
    • This thing can cook so many different things- I love that
  • I could go on and on

Look for IP posts coming soon!

For The Win,

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  1. Jill Blardinelli says:

    Good post! Thanks!

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